A week in Armenian mountains. Tsahkadzor

On our way to Armenia we had one stop in the International Airport of Minsk, Belarus. Currently people say that the airport is renovated but in the beginning of 2014 it had such appearance as for the international means of airports.
From the very beginning I was amazed by strange Armenian writings. I like everything which seems strange and unusual for me so I was already excited to learn something new) I wish they will not have this russian translations of the Armenian in the airport so to find the luggage could be more challenging 😉
Tsahkadzor – is a small resort in Armenian mountains. In translation from Armenian language it means – the valley of flowers. When we came there it was already spring, only somewhere on the top of the hill the snow could be visible.
I was expecting to do some snowboarding but the snow has already gone….
No snow but first spring  flowers.
Let`s guess what is written on those containers…
There is an old religious Christian complex Kecharis which people started to build in 11th century.  It was build until 13th century. As a result the town of Tsahkadzor got 4 Churches which help people to “hear themselves”.
In the city center.
Here we tried national cuisine, wine made of the pomegranate which is the fruit of which Armenia is proud so much.
The best thing you could do in the mountains is to reach the top and observe the essence of getting higher. It is always difficult to get up but you will get the good prize while being on the top. Btw, there is Wi-Fi even in the mountains.
There was my highest top in Armenian mountains and on my background you can see the Ararat mountain.

 Something in support of Ukraine in the Armenian mountains.
Even the sky season was over we still had the chance to ride up on the hill.
It was cold and scary on the way, but thanks to good friends you can survive…
Warming up on the top of the mountain.
On our departure day in the morning we’ve got a snowy surprise… There were so much snow that even our buses couldn’t reach our place and we were waiting for 5 hours to get back to Yerevan.

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