Portugal – Port of the Ocean

My trip to Portugal was interrupted by flights transfer in Amsterdam. We had to spend about 4 hours waiting for our next flight to Lisbon. We were hungry, but we found a lot of things to do and one of our favorite activities was observing the airplanes landing at the airport. There is a special terrace where people could take a fresh air and watch in real life all departures and arrivals.
On our way to Lisbon I saw this airplane operated by Lufthansa airlines. It was so close to our board so I could read what was written on the back part of the aircraft. I was so excited, because I have never seen the airplane so close in the air. I think, at that time we were somewhere around Paris.
Amsterdam from the sky
The Netherlands from the sky
Our first destination was Terra Chaos – that is the National park situated close to Lisbon in the mountains. There is beautiful place with a lot of olive trees and other plants.
Here I have managed to see the sunrise in the mountains in Portugal. There was the only sunny hours that day.
Even if we were living at the top of the mountains, we still went even more up to explore the natural cave.
I’ve done something which I never did before – listen to the cave in a complete darkness.
Than we explored the area where wind meals stands. There are really huge and it is very very windy.

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