Greifswald – small town, which is located almost on the border with Poland on the Baltic Sea. Here is a beautiful nature, clean air and lots of picturesque views.
Here we tracked down a monument for Soviet soldiers who participated in World War II.
Along the perimeter of the central square of Greifswald  colorful houses are located.

There is a port by the sea and a place of division of the German border with Poland.
Helicopter of ambulance

The place where our German parties took place is abandoned train station.
City of Greifswald is very beautiful from above. Especially when you stand on the roof of a new house of the local co-op, which will let people  rent the apartments for the entire life. There are a lot of people here who do not own their own homes, but lease them from the cooperative to which they belong.

And this is another observation tower in a Catholic church.
There is an abandoned house, which locals bought from the municipality for 350 000 euros to renovate it and allow people who need housing, rent apartments here.

In the port conducted some excavations. I had never noticed before how beautiful these machines could appear in the natural surroundings.

Lubmin – is a small village with access to the open sea.
In general, there are many things to see in Germany and many to make pictures of.

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