Buda & Pest

My exploration of Hungary began with the Hungarian budget airlines – Wizzair. There was a strange thing about that fact that you have to run on board to find a place for yourself, but the price was really nice for this offer.
We found pretty nice, modern and cheap youth hostel in the very center of Budapest. It is situated on the street which is famous by its ruin-pubs. We have visited several of them and there are some pictures below. Now have a look at our nice hostel Maveric, which is really hospitable for its visitors.
In the evening we went to explore the city at night time. One of the main attractions of Budapest is Basilica of St. Ishtvan.

For the dinner we went to try Hungarian cuisine accompanied by local girls.

Local joke for us was: “I`m hungry, because I`m in Hungary… but as soon as you`ll get your “Hungarian portion” you will be feed up, because they serve a lot of food on one dish.
Budapest is divided by the river Danube. There is Buda part – which determines a place with a hill and Pest – the flat one.  And tonight we have visited the flat part of the city.
tower which connects Buda & Pest
The next time we went to the Pest side of the city. Riding the hills with a big international company is always funny.
Nothing special, just office`s toilet))
First time in my life I went inside the synagogue. The Jewish synagogue in Budapest is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Europe.
It costed us 10 Euro, but it worth to see it.
Lovely telephone cabins allows you to do calls from the city center.
Budapest is famous by its hot springs and we want to try the biggest and the oldest one “Secheni” which is situated under the open sky. It was such a pleasure to warm up in the water (36-38 C degrees) when it is still winter outside.This point is a “must see and try” in Budapest.
Near the baths there is another attraction: the castle Vajdahunyad. I haven`t seen it during the day time, but at night it seems that someone is still living here)))
Heroes` square – popular place in Budapest.
There are three branches of metro in Budapest and one of them – the oldest is still remain in the same appearance as it was built many years ago, which became another touristic entertainment.
This is the way the “sadness” looks like…

In the Basilica of St. Ishtvan.
King`s palace.
Behind the king`s palace.
Church of St. Matiash.
The Margit Island is placed in the center of Budapest and is surrounded by river Danube. You can find here everything to have a rest and to do some sports.
This island is the perfect place to see how the day turns into night…
If you don`t know – there is not a castle – it is the building of Hungarian Parliament. 
So let me tell you more about the ruin pubs, which are quite famous here. If you could imagine the abandoned house where homeless people live – the ruin pubs are like this. There are everything made of trash, but it`s really cool trash and many of young people are hanging out here.

For instance, If you could see the white sofa on the picture below, it is not a sofa – it is a bathroom… and you suppose to sit there)
As a conclusion I could say that I enjoyed my stay in Budapest and Hungary in general. Due to the fact that we have visited all the “must see” places of Budapest by foot, we have discovered a lot, and now I want to go with someone here again to show this amazing city.

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