Bordány – investigation of Hungarian cultural heritage

During the whole week we were working on investigating cultural heritage of Hungarian village Bordány.. We had the opportunity to ty cuisine, learn more about traditions and get in touch with local people.
Bordány village is quite small but trendy and its really close to the Serbian border. There are not so many people living here, but municipality tries to do their best for the development of the village.

Here I discovered that in Hungary in public places they don`t close the toilet`s door, that`s why usually people knocked at the door to make sure that there is no one inside.
Even if the village is quite small there are many of such phone booths on the streets.
There is modern youth center in this village, where everyone could find an activity for themselves.
Here we tried traditional Hungarian home maid alcohol drink, called “Palinka”. Specifically for this region they have “Peach Palinka”. I can say that it smells really good.

And yeah, you have to sort the rubbish before putting it into the specific garbage bin. It`s quite difficult if you don`t know Hungarian language…
Every night we had traditional events and parties. Like saying good buy to winter.
Hospitable Hungarian dog.

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