Hergestellt in Deutscland

Berlin is the capital of Germany. I can not say that this is one of my favorite cities, but still feel respect for its devotion to the arts.
as well as for the “clear policy” – where under a glass dome parliamentarians are doing their work which is visible for everyone.
There is always a lot of people, even in the evening, unlike other cities in Germany, where after 8 p.m. everyone is staying at home.
Berlin has quite confusing subway map – it took us a long time to understood how could we get somewhere.

There is one of the most unusual touristic attractions in Berlin. As we understood this colorful abandoned house in the city center is Tacheles – the art house … but, unfortunately it`s doors were closed.

Bear is a symbol of Berlin and he became my new German friend.
Fan Zone of football fans  – just behind the Brandenburg Gates. On this day, I got to see the match between Brazil and Chile.

There is a double-decker bus number 100 in Berlin, which goes around the main attractions of the city. If you have time to take the first row on the second floor – you’ll get a good view. And that’s all for 2 euros, in comparison with the tour buses that offer sightseeing tours.The bus comes from the Alexanderplatz to the zoo.

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