Belarus – where millionaires live…

As I got to know not many times ago, we have relatives in Belarus. So this time our trip together with Carrots family was to this neighborhood.
There is my mom`s aunt who lives in Belarus in small and tiny town Zelva.
They have the most delicious condensed milk in Belarus.

And they sell a beer which sounds almost like my first name short name Lida. Also they have a town called Lida.
at the bus station
I have to admit that the roads in Belarus are really the best. You will not find any damages on them.
From the first sight the prices in the markets are quite confusing, because they still use here millions.
Inside the house.
My family and our relatives.
Perfectly straight road
On our way home we saw many of abandoned villages where no more than 10 citizens are living.
The house where my grandmother lived


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