Back to Istanbul

Last time I was visited Istanbul in December 2013, and during this autumn I also paid a visit to this beautiful and charming city – city of energy and wet feet))) I don`t know why, but for last time it was melting snow in Istanbul, and now it was raining almost all the time, so we were walking through the puddles of Asian and European sides of the city. But this small inconvenience didn`t make our exploration worth=) You can read more about our adventures 2013 here: Turkey. Istanbul 2013.
On the ferry in the Bosphorus
There are many airplanes landed in Istanbul, and one of them I`ve caught in the evening sky.
In a rainy weather there is a little bit windy on the ferry, which connects Asian and European side, so its quite difficult to make a portrait with visible face.
Sometimes its better to go inside the ferry and observe the nice night views of Bosporus through the windows.
On the ferry, usually all cell-phone holders turn into photographers. Yeah, its quite difficult to not make a picture of the amazing views around.
Also there are some photographers who are hunting to catch nice pictures like me and my friend Altynay from Kazakhstan.
There are pictures by Altynay Raskalieva
There is Altynay`s portrait by me, when she is trying to capture me.
Her result=)
And yes, ferry is such a romantic place ❤
There is the view from the Galata bridge to the new mosque.
Fishermen are working hard, every day on the Galata bridge
Walking through the Taksim district.
Place, where youth hanging out.
No one can`t stand of bakhlava – it is adorable by everyone. The same as cats – they are allowed to do whatever they want.
A very big fish…
Hunter for the good images…
“Бабушка” – the writing on the background, that means “grandma”.
Improvised McDonalds, bcoz of ChickenNuggets.
Gates to the Blue Mosque.
Behind the gates of Blue Mosque
Cats and dogs are everywhere, people like them here.
And just some photography practice with reflections in the mirror)))
In the daylight ferry looks a little bit different, but to observe the views its also cool.
Bazar – almost like Ukrainian, with millions of people, but with some traditional stuff.
Inside of the favorite mosque of my friend in the religious complex Suleimanie, built by Sultan Suleiman.
in Suleimanie
Next time, I wish I could see the Princes`s Islands.

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