Morocco experience 7 day

I just started to love Morocco when it appeared to be the time to leave… You see, I was crying.
We went to the ocean, but without saying good buy…
Because I didn`t want to leave Morocco, and our friends didn`t want us to go home, we almost missed our flight. I wish we could afford ourselves to do it, but in two days my best friend had a wedding and I was a photographer, so I didn`t have any other options)
It was sad that our journey was almost over, but as one wise man said: “Smile, because it was” – and I have to agree with it totally, because if I was stay at home, I would never learned that in Morocco are living friendly, hospitable and sincere people who are always ready to help, even if you don`t speak the same language and have to explain everything with gestures 😉
We would never learned that eating without spoon or fork all together from one plate means that people here respect you so much so they can eat with a stranger from one dish…
and that if visited Morocco at once you will get a new Moroccan family even if we are so much diverse…

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