Morocco experience 5 day

The next day was the longest one in the whole Moroccan trip cos it`s started from 5 a.m. when we went to catch the train to Marrakesh.

It will take you around 4 hours to get from Rabat to Marrakech, so we had to plan the activities during the trip to not get bored.

It appears to be difficult to find the taxi on the streets early in the morning and they don`t have a special service to call and order the cab. But again luck was on our side and the kindest policewoman ever gave a ride to Mohammedia for 5 travelers.
During the time we spent in the train I`ve got to learn how to write my name in Arabic. I was so excited about this writings so made a tattoo with a marker on my wrist.
From the very beginning Marrakech proved that it`s a red city.

We have visited the museum of traditional arts here, where we have learned a lot of necessary information to get deeper into the culture.

No one could pass by the Grand Bazaar which is situated on the main square of Marrakech. This is one of the most popular and attractive amusement for the tourists.

On the square there are a lot of people and performers with snakes.

Here in Marrakech we tried the traditional Moroccan “Tajine” and “Cous-cous”. “Tajine” made in a special dish called “tajine” with meat and vegetables.

Don`t you think that Moroccan & Ukrainian money are quite similar?

On our way through the market place a lady who is making henna called me: “Lidiia, let`s make a henna for you”. I was surprised from the fact how can she knows my name? But I remembered about my temporary tattoo with my name in Arabic)
The Grand Bazaar is so colorful and the variety of goods is so rich.

The characteristicfeature of this market is that there is no listed prices, and traders agreed to bargain. In general, I am not strong in bargain, but this time I won over the seller and bought iron teapot for brewing tea for 85 dirhams, when at first he asked 160 dirhams…
Later we decided to have a look on the King`s palace, but for this time it was closed already. So we just took some funny pictures with walls background of the castle.
After it we took a horse ride from the Medina to the new part of the city.

I have to admit that the railway station of Marrakech is one of the most beautiful buildings as for the railway stations.
That was a long day full of excitement.

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