Morocco experience 4 day

The entire day was dedicated to the Ocean. You can never get bored while watching the water and listening to the pure natural sounds. I`m a little bit jealousy to those people who can wake up and see the Ocean coast from their terrace… but may be the absence of this makes my love become stronger and better.

There is a special horse Festival called “Fantasia” in Morocco and we were so lucky to attend one. The troupe is travelling around the world to perform and show their skills but this week they stayed in Bouznika, close to our camp.

This is an annual Moroccan festival, which is dedicated to those times when the Kingdom of Morocco get rid from the French colonialists. The essence of the festival is that there are few teams that should be gallop on horseback through the stadium and at the end of the race, they should stop an synchonically shoot up a gun in the air in one time. Which team will do it the most synchronously will become the winner.
Being Ukrainian traveler in Morocco will give you a lot of opportunities. For instance we were so lucky to get the V.I.P. places to the Festival 0 right in front of the stadium to see how the teams with the horses are running just in your direction.
There is a special team which consists only of women. They looks beautiful and confident and wearing pink dresses.
Tho horses of the Festival are so good-looking so you can`t stop touching them and discovering the decorations.
After the performance we were invited to the huge tent, where the Fantasia performers relax after the Festival. They let us see the ancient weapons made of silver, some of which have more than 500 years old. Here we drank a traditional Moroccan mint tea and tried delicious Moroccan sweets.

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