Morocco experience 3 day

On the 3rd day of our stay in Morocco there was the Independence day of Ukraine and we decided to celebrate it a little and show the Moroccans a little bit of our culture.  So we dedicated our evening program to Ukraine but before it we went to date with the Ocean which was just 5 minutes of walk from our camp.
Love to the ocean
We swam on the waves and our happiness had no bounds … Perhaps, it is impossible to convey all this storm of emotions that accompany someone  jumping over the waves in the ocean in Africa, so I will not try, but simply attached a few photos with our emotions…
patterned by the ocean
Between our swimming sessions we had some lectures about Arab spring and other things dedicated to the cultural diversity.
And the evening started with the Independence day of Ukraine celebration.
We were dancing, singing, and feeding people with traditional Ukrainian sweets. At the end we sang Ukrainian anthem and it seems that the audience liked it.
After it we went to the Moroccan arts festival, where we had the opportunity to explore local folklore, which originates from the past time and including amazir culture. Women performers were dancing without any stop for more than 50 minutes together with singing.
the guy who sells the water
There were a lot of people, from 5 months to 80 years, on this festival and everyone was dancing singing and enjoying the time.

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