Morocco experience 2 day

On the next day my morning started with the lady who worked for the hostel. She wanted to woke up us in an interesting way. Each 5 minutes she came to our room to open the door more and more so the sun rays could come to our place and we will wake up.
Rabat hostel
The time difference between Ukraine and Morocco was 2 hours, so as for Ukrainian time I was completely awake.
Sanaa my Moroccan roommate
To have a breakfast we went to one of the Rabat cafes and tried avocado milkshakes, Moroccan kind of pan-cakes, some sweets and croissants. But this time my heart went to Moroccan mint tea. It became my love since this time. Btw there is a special way to prepare it, which varies from region to region.
This is how they serve Moroccan mint tea
The tea is served in a nice way on special trays in small teapots and a small cup, where it is necessary to pour the tea in a special way. You have to lift the teapot, then releasing the elevator that would get more foam in glass. Then, pour a glass of tea back into the teapot and pour again. They say the more times you`ll do it, the tastier it will be. By the way in Morocco people make a very sweet tea, and it`s really tasty and refreshing.

After the breakfast, we went for a walk through Rabat. I lagged behind the group because I wanted to take pictures of everything which was so much new for my perception.
Now, our plan was to drive to the city of Bouznika which is situated on the ocean coast, close Rabat. We had our lunch in the local cafe, where we became more in acquainted with a traditions in Morocco … We brought a grilled meat with tomatoes and some bread … but they did not bring us forks and knifes which put us in bewilderment. The local guys told us that most of the food they eat with their hands, and showed how to do it: a piece of bread and meat taken turns itno a kind of “Moroccan burger.” It was pretty tasty, and after the main meal we were served fruit and soft-drinks. What is most interesting, for one such meal we paid 30 dirhams, which is 30 UAH. Basically, it was very cheap.
Finally we have reached our camp by the ocean coast where we are gonna spend the next 5 days.
Our camp was like Moroccan style all-inclusive suits.

When we arrived for dinner at a restaurant, the waiters served us themselves in our camp: pour the soup and tea. Yes, today we tried a Moroccan soup, which was like mashed carrots and something else…
After the dinner we went for the meeting with the Atlantic Ocean but at night time… Last time it was in the USA. The water was quite warm and we were staying in the water and relaxing, while other people were staying aside pretending to think that we are “Super Girls” who are not afraid of cold water))

So much overexciting day lead it`s continuation to the cozy beds…

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